Recovering corrupted zip files

ZIP Recovery Toolbox (download) was designed to solve the problem of zip recovery. The program recovers information from corrupt zip files and minimizes losses while repairing damaged zip files. The peculiarity of the application is that it uses several zip recovery algorithms and methods or recovering data from unreadable zip files. The use of several algorithms allows the program to minimize data losses during zip recovery. The user sees information about the possibility of recovering and fix zip file. A data integrity check is the last stage in file recovery. It ensures that the file can be used afterwards. The program works with password-protected files: just enter the valid password for this archive and the program will fix zip file trying to use the specified password.

The main idea behind the development of Zip Recovery Toolbox is that it should be easy to use. The interface of the program is an intuitive step-by-step wizard that makes the process of repairing zip files an easy task.

Zip Recovery Toolbox features:

  • Recovers data from ZIP archives
  • Recovers self-extracting (SFX) files
  • Repair ZIP files larger than 2 GB
  • Repair ZIP files from corrupted media (floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, Zip drives, etc.)
  • Checks the integrity of data being recovered
  • Recovers corrupt ZIP archives via the local area network
  • Fixes the archive file error: Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid zip archive

Zip files are commonly used as a method of storing and archiving data and information. Zip files can be a real bottleneck in dealing with important tasks. For example, most files distributed via the Internet are compressed in zip archives to reduce the amount of traffic. But critical errors, untimely finish errors, equipment failures and other things may make a file downloaded from the Internet damaged, unreadable, have the CRC error and impossible to open. Multiple attempts to repeat the operations turn out to be useless. The following question emerges in this case: how to repair zip file? How to fix zip file? How to repair zip file? Zip Recovery Toolbox gives a simple answer to these questions.

It is extremely easy and simple to use Zip Recovery Toolbox. As soon as you install and start the program, you will see the dialog box where you should specify the name of the source zip file that you want to recover. After you select the zip file (a regular zip file or a self-extracting zip file - a SFX file) by just selecting it on the disk, typing its name or selecting one of previously used files, you should click the Next button.

You will see the process of analyzing and recovering the zip file on the next page. The zip file recovery process takes quite a while depending on the size of the zip file being fixed and the performance rate of the computer.

After the program finishes the analysis of the file contents, it displays the structure of folders and the contents of these folders in the damaged zip file. Use the third page of the step-by-step corrupt zip repair wizard to select the files to be saved from the corrupt zip repair file. You can:

  • select files and/or folders manually
  • select all folders and files by clicking the Check All button
  • select only good files by clicking the Check Good button

You can clear the selection from all folders and files by clicking the Uncheck All button.

After you select the items and click the Next button, you should select the folder where you want to save information from the damaged zip files. After you select the folder for saving the data recovered during the zip file recovery process, you should click the Next button to start the process of recovering procedure the corrupt zip repair file. After that you can see the progress of the zip file recovery process. You can see the report about the data recovery process on the last page.

Zip Recovery Toolbox is a tool for users with any level of knowledge and experience and it allows them to easily fix zip files. The process of repairing zip files take only several mouse clicks due to the extremely simple interface. You should pay special attention to the fact that, unlike other program, the tool neither repairs nor modifies the source zip files during the zip file recovery process. Zip Recovery Toolbox only scans the source file and saves the recovered contents of the source damaged zip files. The program keeps the folder structure of the original zip file while saving data from it.

The application is compatible with Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista/7/8.

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