Is it possible to repair damaged template or corrupted document in Microsoft Word format?

Actually, a great number of customers encounter a problem of corrupted documents and templates in Rich Text or Microsoft Word format. If these files are damaged due to file system corruption or because of a virus, your documents cannot be opened and all data gets unavailable. Since Microsoft built-in tools for recovery of these documents can be ineffective, you can try Word Recovery Toolbox (download). The program is very easy to use, recovery process is divided into several easy steps, that look like this.

Can I recover a file in Microsoft Word format?

First of all, please select a corrupted document. It is recommended to use Windows Explorer for this purpose. All you should do is just to click. After this, you will be prompted to select a file in .doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, and .rtf formats. Processed documents are saved to a quick access list. If you'd like to select a file from this list, please click , move mouse cursor to a chosen document and left click. After this, Word Recovery Toolbox displays a dialog box, where the scanning process can be initiated. Please start the process, you may see, that it takes some time, according to computer's performance and document size. When the process is over, you can see all information, that was recovered. Please look through the text (it is especially recommended for demo version users) and make sure, that the process was completed successfully and all data was repaired.

You can also use another option for recover docx file and recover Word, just click on Save as Plane text button. In this case, Word Recovery Toolbox will create a simple text file, that will contain recovered information. When this item is selected, you will be asked to choose a name for your newly created text file. Word Recovery Toolbox will create a text document and insert all retrieved content to this file. When this tool will finish with data recovery process, it will proceed to the last step of recovery docx, recover Word file and repair docx file. You can see a detailed report about Word text recovery, Word fix and repair docx, performed by Word Recovery Toolbox Word repair tool.

This program for repair Word files and repair docx files permits to repair Word 2007 file and extract data from any document in Rich Text or Microsoft Word formats. It is very important for everyone, who works with critical data, because its loss may imply losses for a company. In spite of its powerful and effective engine, that permits to recover damaged documents so fast, Word Recovery Toolbox is very easy to use. Data extraction process was designed for all users, from beginners to professionals. An easy and friendly graphic interface guides our customers through all steps of the process. Any kind of special training is not required, the program is so easy, that you can start working with it right now, without reading user's guide or contacting support service.

Since Microsoft Word is widely used everywhere, the problem of Word file repair is very important. Microsoft Office package is so widespread, that it is used in millions of companies all over the world. Very often, documents in Microsoft Word or Rich Text formats contain business critical information, that costs pretty much. However, these documents are not stable, even a minor error can damage your document and you can lost it without recovery Word. When users try to open such files, they see an error message, saying that it is impossible to open a document or that encoding is not recognizable, you definitely need to repair Word file. You may ask, how to repair corrupted Word document and how to repair .docx file? Fix docx file and recover Word files is very easy, Microsoft Word recovery process is accessible for everyone, who need recovering .docx documents.

This situation may be caused by a great number of different reasons, viruses, for example. When forwarded by email, Microsoft Word documents may be infected or corrupted. Since email is one of the most popular ways for virus distribution, this can happen any time. If you have an antivirus client, that is updated on a regular basis, a virus may be removed from your document. However, there's a chance, that the document will become corrupted, when the process of repair docx or docx recovery is over. Besides virus infection, there may be a great number of other reasons, that can lead to recovery doc, word recovery, recover .docx files and data corruption, from file system corruption to physical damage of removable media. In this case, your document will be inaccessible without Word Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Word repair tool. How to repair corrupted Word document? That's very easy, Word Recovery Toolbox MS Word repair tool for docx repair will help you in this case. Owing to repair docx files, corrupted docx file is not a problem any more. Word repair, docx repair and recovery Word becomes easier.

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Possibilities of Word Recovery Toolbox for Word recover, recover docx and repair Word:

  • Recovering .docx documents in a several minutes.
  • Microsoft Word repair tool was successfully tested under Windows 98.
  • MS Word repair tool can recover Word files under Windows Me.
  • Repair Word 2007 file program can recover .docx files under Windows Me.
  • Word repair tool supports recovery docx, this recover Word is compatible with Windows NT 4.0.
  • Word recovery program can recover Word file and fix docx file under Windows 2000.
  • Word fix, fix docx and Word repair become easier, than before.
  • Repair docx file and docx recovery process if described in user's guide.
  • Repair Word and recover docx can be made without assistance of IT department

Word Recovery Toolbox can perform such operations, like:

  • Word recover and Recovery doc for all versions of Microsoft Office package (97-2007).
  • Recovery for Word, repair Word files and fix docx under all supported versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Microsoft Word recovery becomes very easy with Word Recovery Toolbox.
  • Recover docx file can be made by any one.
  • Word text recovery and corrupted docx file processes are very easy and can be accessible even by beginners.

Please note, that Recovery Toolbox, Inc. does not provide other Word file repair, repair Word file and repair .docx file tools to recovery for Word.