Word Recovery Toolbox

This program repairs damaged templates and documents in Microsoft Word format (files with .doc, .docx, .dot, dotx extensions) as well as Rich Text files (.rtf extension)

Please (download) Word Recovery Toolbox, this tool can easily repair damaged documents and templates in Microsoft Word format. The program permits to avoid critical data. Actually, Microsoft Office package and Microsoft Word in particular represent a widespread program, that can process any document, for private and corporate use. First of all, Word Recovery Toolbox quickly scans and attempts to recover damaged file, only contents and links will be extracted, without source formatting. When the document is damaged heavily, some parts of your document may be lost without a possibility to be recovered. When recovery process is over, repaired data will be displayed on the screen, you can check it and make sure, that blind spots are absent. After this, registered customers can save recovered data to any document in Microsoft Word format, it is also possible to save it as a plain text file. That’s all, you can now open this documents with Microsoft Word text processor, for example, and start working with it. It should be noted, that source file will not be modified during recovery process.

Word Recovery Toolbox features

Word Recovery Toolbox will process text files of different formats: documents and templates in Microsoft Word format (supported extensions are: .doc, .docx, .dot, and .dotx) as well as Rich Text files (.rtf format). This program can recover text only, all images, tables and source formatting will be lost. Here are some features of Word Recovery Toolbox:

  • This program can recover data from damaged documents and templates in Microsoft Word format, located on damaged removable media (CDs, floppy disks, DVDs, flash drives, etc.)
  • Word Recovery Toolbox Word repair tool supports repair docx file, recover Word file and recovery for Word via your local network
  • It is possible to export recovered data to a plain text file or to a file in Microsoft Word format

Download Microsoft Word Recovery tool

Please download Microsoft Word recovery tool and install it for test a recovery possibilites.

.Docx Recovery tool Office 2007

Word Recovery Toolbox Microsoft Word repair tool and Microsoft Word recovery is very easy to use, no need to read user’s guide or contacting support service. Recovery process is represented as a sequence of several steps, that can be performed by any person, an easy graphic interface will make this task much easier. This permits to get rid of the help of IT department, when recovering your document. You may ask, how to repair corrupted Word document? Word file repair, Word recover, recover Word and recovery Word is easy. Just download .docx recovery tool Office 2007 for tests.

Corrupt text Recovery Word 2007

Very often, Microsoft Word documents are critical for an employee, cause they can contain reports, announces and other data. However, these files are quite unstable and there’s a risk, that your document will be damaged. Any user can damage his document by mistake, when forwarding *.doc file by email or within your local network. Even a minor damage may lead to impossibility to open the document, in this case, your text will be lost. Your document may be also infected, since viruses for Microsoft Word are widely spread. There are also a number of other causes, that may lead to document corruption, such as physical damage of DVD, CD or a flash drive, where the document is stored. Please also take into consideration file system corruptions, operating system damage and failures in Microsoft Word text editor. Recover corrupt text recovery Word 2007 tool.

Is it possible to repair a file in Microsoft Word format?

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You can face corrupted docx file, Word text recovery, Word fix and fix docx any time. One day, instead of your document, you may get a message, that data format is not recognizable or that file is corrupted or any other message. In this case, you will not be able to open the document. Another option, is that your document will be opened anyway, but you can see a set of not recognizable characters instead of your text. Please note, that, in spite of the fact, that fix docx file, repair Word file, repair .docx file and recovery docx is easy, your data will be lost without Word Recovery Toolbox.

Microsoft Word file Recovery tools
Note: Word Recovery Toolbox MS Word repair tool is shareware. You can download this recover word files, recovery doc, docx recovery and repair word files for free right now and try it before purchase, moreover, it is strongly recommended. However, demo version of Word Recovery Toolbox is limited. You will be able to preview information from corrupted document, but you cannot save it. If you are satisfied with this program, please proceed with registration and purchase full version of recover docx file, recover .docx files, recover docx and recovering .docx documents without limitations. Word Recovery Toolbox is best from Microsoft Word file recovery tools.
Microsoft Word Text Recovery tool

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  • Word Recovery Toolbox MS Word repair tool can work under Windows 98
  • This Microsoft Word recovery is compatible with Windows Me.
  • The Microsoft Word text recovery tool to repair corrupted docx file is compatible with all supported versions of Microsoft Windows
Download text Recovery for Word 2007

You can download text recovery for Word 2007 from website immediately.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above