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I dont use facebook so i couldnt say i liked Recovery Tool or not. So I like it very much. Thank you for making such a useful application. Its an engineering profession. I really like it so much thanks a lot.



Thanks for the response. I was able to recover all of my emails for 2017. My purchase of your software was a good decision.

Vern Hanna


Thank you so much for your assistance and patience. I have recovered all the emails as your instructions indicated. It is a great product. When you plan your next upgrade please consider Edit>>FIND and Message>>BLOCK SENDER. These are not essential but were nice to have available. Just wishing.

Regards, Debbie C.


Hey Man, This program worked great, It decompressed all 26 .dbx files and now I have all 1600 individual *.eml files !!.....BOOM ! You guys are GREAT,

Thank you




I think I'm mostly just writing to thank you. For years, starting in 1998, I used Outlook Express. Then I pretty much dropped it, moved on to other emails like gmail, but still kept all my old emails, from my late father, old fraternity brothers, many of them now also deceased, notes from my daughters as they adventured through college. But then OE went away! However, I was able to move all of these old notes to Windows Live Mail, and carry on--till this week, when that program ceased to work, probably because I moved to Windows 10.

I was in a panic! Fortunately, several years ago I had the foresight to copy the most important dbx folders and save them in my Dropbox; but how was I going to read them? On line I discovered your software, and bought it gladly, about an hour ago. Without wasting a minute, I at once installed it and began recovering those emails--successfully, as far as I can tell.

So here's my question, and it's really just seeking a little reassurance for my $27. I have saved them all in a few labeled folders; when I open a folder, I see all the notes; when I click on one, it opens in Thunderbird, as I understand it. Is that right? Is that the way it should work? It's fine with me; I can readily read them, readily search for a particular message. That's all I wanted to do.

If I am right, then I will probably never use your program again; but it has met my urgent need; it was $27 well spent, and thank you!

Lowrie Beacham



Thanks for the registration assistance. First class support (and great product)!




Thank you very much for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición!



Lost most of my inbox following a routine scan and your product recovered everything - over 1200 emails in all.



Thanks a lot for your support!

I've got my emails back, although some characteristics are lost and some seem changed (I can't delete some of them for example), but that's really minor problem.

Thanks again for your extraordinary work and for such quick a kind answers always. I'll be strong advertising testimonial of your product, be sure! Have a great day!

Ciao Paolo


I just downloaded and used cd recovery toolbox free and it worked beautifully.

Thank you for offering this great utility for free.

Carol Campaigne


Very, very good product with excellent support that is way above average both in response time and quality. Would readily recommend this product.

Again, Thanks !!!



You probably heard this before, but here it goes anyway.....THANK YOU !!! You saved my life (and 2 years worth of lost emails).

Gastón Groisman MAGnets





I must give you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for your fabulous and FREE program, CD Recovery Toolbox! Last year I bought a new copy of XP and installed it without issue on my netbook. Then I stored the CD in a secure, dark, and temperature-controlled environment along with my other CDs and DVDs. Yesterday I decided to format C: and begin a fresh install of XP on that netbook. The installation portion had nearly completed when the CD issued a CRC read error and the installation was halted. After trying various 'tricks' to coax the CD into completing the install, I took the CD around to each of six different type and age CD/DVD drives, on four PCs. I used two different "unstoppable" copy programs on the CD in each of the six drives. In all 12 attempts the same files were skipped with CRC error and the rest were copied correctly. I searched the internet and downloaded a few CD recovery programs to try. The last one I tried was CD Recovery Toolbox. The program ran a very long time (over 14 hours) and it correctly copied EVERY ONE OF THOSE BAD FILES. Now that's just incredible! I have ordered a replacement CD from Microsoft. I would have been without XP on my netbook until it arrives, were it not for CD Recovery Toolbox. Because of your program, I was able to complete my XP reinstallation just one day later.

Thank you again for a great program!

Best Regards, Sue Morton


Rebyata, you are the heros. Packages are fully functional. Thank you very much for everything. We are exiting of your job. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot Natalya Chaldysheva Sr SQL Server DBA, MCP, MSDBA


Just a thank you for such an outstanding, yet simple program! This program works just like I think one should. It is very easy to understand after viewing the on site help. This has corrected several years worth of unmanageable .dbx files! Until I found it, I was very frustrated trying to combine all the old files and getting them into the latest OE program! Nothing seemed to work as I thought it should. Now, I have everything as it should be. Many thanks to the programer! From a very happy customer

Charles M. Ferrall, Jr.


I would like to thank you for making Outlook Recovery Toolbox. I found myself in a situation with a dead exchange server, corrupt backups, a pile of OST files and a very angry client. I searched the net and found some very expensive software and then I found yours, could it possibly work? I purchased the technicians version, if it did work I was sure it would be used elsewhere. To my complete and utter amazement, your software did exactly what it said on the tin, within 2 hours exchange was fully restored, all emails recovered absolutely stress free. At these sort of prices if more people took your lead, software piracy would be a thing of the past, excellent product, rapid response on one support question.

Many Thanks John Bridgett

(MD LincIt Gainsborough Ltd & Network Manager - Trent Valley Academy)


Just wanted to say - WOW! Fantastic software, thanks for saving me countless hours of work.

Cheers, David Fong


Sql Server Toolbox has easy to use software with outstanding Customer Service. The support went above my wildest expectations. I highly recommend this software.

Thank you! Bryan


I got it ..thank-you for the timely response...I applied the software and made a successful 2GB recovery of some real important documents and E-mails! Good thing you folks are out there...Microsoft Inbox repair tool left me hanging in the breeze.



Many thanks for your prompt reply. The Key.reg file worked very well and I have recovered 11 folders and 18,519 files. I looked at three Outlook recovery programs before choosing yours as follows... One failed to start the recovery, another started but took forever and yours appeared to be quicker and easier to use. Well done! I would recommend that you add the key.reg file to the registration email and put a note about it in the faq. Keep up the good work.

Regards John Mills

Windmill IT!


I love this program. Has helped me recovered damaged files, migrate OE files between computers, synch between home and vacation home PCs, etc. Just ordered new Vista (32-bit) home computer to replace XP box.

Thanks, Stephen Livers


It's a pleasure to find a package that

  • is easy to download
  • installs quickly and easily
  • has clear instructions on ordering and paying
  • has clear instructions on activation and implementation
  • WORKS!!!

Congratulations on a good package. I was able to recover all lost emails quickly and re-install them into the correct folders.

Thanks, Roy Morton Yarmouth Port, MA


The $27 that I spent for OE Mail Recovery was probably the best $27 I ever spent. WHAT A GREAT TOOL. It was very easy to use, and all of my notes have been recovered.

Thank you, Fran MacLeran Golden One


I just wanted to say thank you for developing this product. I accidentally wiped out 400 plus photos from a new camera while using unfamiliar software and was devastated when I realized I had my Mother-in-Law's 70th Birthday party on the flash card. Everyone from the party is anxiously awaiting these photos as I was the only one with a group shot of all in attendance.

So thank you, your product saved me the embarrassment and probably saved my marriage!

Sincerely, Michael Galicia Huntington, NY


I have just used your OE Mail Recovery tool for the second time in anger and just wanted to say what a fantastic product it is. Easy to use - does what it says on the tin! This has got me out of a horrendous problem... again!

  • John Clifton MBCS CITP
  • Technical Director
  • Smile IT Ltd

Making IT work for small businesses and home users


I just wanted to let you know that i bought the OE mail recovery a few days ago and it worked perfectly and that we are very ahppy about it ! I am a web seller and my mails are very important to me and they all disappeared suddenly ! but they all came back to normal thanks to the software !

Thanks again and happy holidays...Stella


You must be a mind reader because I was about to get upset when I read I would have to wait 12 hours for a key. In today's age, that made no sense. When I was just about to get upset, here comes your e-mail (almost 12 hours early :-) and now I'm all good.

I have no idea why it's difficult to recover DBX files under XP. Perhaps, Vista has a cleaner solution.

Anyway, my hat is off to your company for this GREAT product. I followed the instructions and finally recovered a 5 year old file that I kept on a CD.

Great job ! Thank you and Happy New Year ! Ricarlo Johnson


I just wanted to let you know that i bought the OE mail recovery a few days ago and it worked perfectly and that we are very ahppy about it ! I am a web seller and my mails are very important to me and they all disappeared suddenly ! but they all came back to normal thanks to the software !

Thanks again and happy holidays...Stella


Recovered everything and upgraded Outlook. Thanks a million. You have a great product. I did not lose anything.

You have a great product. It's better than Microsofts means of recovery.

Robert Gordon Monumental Capital Corporation


Thank you for all your help - the OEMail Recovery utility worked very well and solved the problem we had.

Eleanor Brown Systems/Network Administrator

  • American Farm School
  • P.O.Box 23
  • 55102 Thessaloniki Greece


Outlook Recovery ToolBox solved my problems - at an affordable price. I will certainly recommend it to those who need it.

Yours sincerely Lasse Lindstrom


My Outlook Express inbox corrupted because it reached the 2Gb limit - I did not know about this. I tried various recovery programs with only limited or no success. OE-Mail Recovery retreived the 4040 emails without any fuss at all. It is a GREAT program!

Kevin Rosengren Brisbane, Australia


Thanks for the wonderful program. I used it successfully to recover over 1700 emails from Outlook Express when it inexplicably ate them. The program interface was easy to use and getting the emails back into Outlook Express was a snap using drag and drop.

Thanks again,

Christopher Favreau Software Programmer Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. (804)693-9602


I would like to thank you because your software is more than excelllent as i tried it on a damaged DBX file with a size of 2 GB and containing arouns 8000 e-mails and after unsuccessfull attempts to recover it using different softwares,the results were more than Satisfying and with OE-mail recovery i was able to recover every single e-mail :it is simply the greatest, and the best.

Thank You Badih Badran


I tried in vain to retreive over 5,000 email messages from my Outlook 2003 without joy due to a non repairable bug stopping me access my data.

I downloaded the trial version and found that within a few minutes it hand accessed all of my valuable data, I went online and purchased the software and within the hour I had all of my emails out of Outlook and safely imported into Outlook on another machine until my main machine is sorted.

Many thanks, worth 10 times more than its price to me!!

Rob Barclay Stockton on Tees England


It has worked, got the files downloaded and was able to open the Outlook and recovered/save them as data eml files.

I have been trying to fix this problem for six months, took to computer doctor, and other computer fix it wizards, none could figure it out.

All I can say is WAY TO GO AND THANKS A LOT!

Gerry Ranson


Just thought I'd let u know, I downloaded your mail recovery programme the other day to try and find an e-mail I recieved this time last year from our DVLA this is the Vehicle licensing department here in the UK. The reason being a motorbike I bought mainly for spares last was SORN'd ( DVLA was notified that I was taking the vehicle off the road meaning I wasn't going to tax it or uses at this time).

However when I tried to renew the SORN for this year the DVLA stated that the vehicle hadn't been sorned or taxed since 1986 and that they were going to fine me for not notifying them! I have renewed Outlook Express a couple of times since last year but I thought this email may still be on my hard drive somewhere so I bought your software and yes I found it I am just waiting forthe DVLA to contact me now and see if they are going to fine me!

Cheers Neil Birch


I did receive the code and have used the software to successfully fix a screwed up.dbx file. The 3000 .eml files were then successfully restored to a folder.... Thanks!

John Gage


We are IMPRESSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend who is the computer man did not believe until the last minute that it would work. When it went into My Documents he said we would probably only see a list and not have access. Holy Cow, he said after it was completed. We recovered (between inbox and the others) over 6,000 e-mails. Nicely ordered in the document folder and readable automatically in Outlook Express. Unbelievable. We will most certainly sing your praises and tell everyone about this.

Thanks again. Sincerely, Dr. Nehrlich


Thanks for the key you guys are life savers. Thanks very very much. MallYT


Very pleased with your Outlook toolbox, it converted a 400Mb ost file from my old laptop into a pst file and allowed me to import all my contacts and old emails. TonyP


My *.pst file is 100% recovered with "Recovery Toolbox". Microsoft`s scanpst give mi only 74% and the contac tlist was damaged. Have a nice weekend.

Sincerely, Eivind

Dear Recovery Tool Box Team, Thank you so much for this software. It is exactly what I needed after spending literally hours and hours on the Internet looking for a way to open the .dbx files I managed to remove from my Inbox without knowing I did it.

The demo convinced me to buy the software. The software has allowed me to store those 119 emails in a folder where I can open and read them so easily. Bless your hearts.

Mary Ann C. from Vancouver Canada

P.S. Your instructions on how to activate the program were easy to follow, and I managed to activate on my first try. Something of a miracle for me.

Just wanted to let you know that your software worked great. I had about a 6 week window between that last back up I had made of my PST files and when my e-mail file exceeded the 2 gig limit. I was able to save over 2800 emails I got during that time frame. Most of them were not that important, but the problem is that you can't remember what important e-mails were sitting out there.

I'll definitely pass the word along. I had tried the other free solutions out there that Microsoft provides, but each one of those still ended up blowing some of my e-mails away, and to top it off, I couldn't copy the e-mails over to my new PST file once the file was recovered. It would just sit in the partially recovered PST file. I couldn't even forward to my e-mail account. Kept getting an error.

Your software gave me exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. Jeff Gibson Murfreesboro, TN.

I just wanted to write in and let you know that your software is Heaven sent. I have a ton of back up software and nothing worked as easy or as well to recover my outlook express emails that were lost. It was a fast download, it was so easy to find the emails that were lost, and so easy to save them and then put them in folders. I can't express my thanks. Best purchase I made in the last 5 years. A software program that does exactly what it says it does for those of us that are not tech savvy. Wow!

Deb Corsetti Weare, NH

I was devastated when almost all of the 4000 plus messages in my Sent Items folder disappeared. The first, 5 dollar, program I bought, choked on the large DBX file. I thought months of work was lost for good! But, I held out hope and bought your program and was not disappointed. I was so amazed when, with your program, the messages starting showing up faster than I could count. All of my messages were recovered including the many large attachments!

Many Thanks, Michele C. Ottawa, Ontario

Many thanks !!

Your Address Book Recovery worked marvelously ! Great job guys!

  • Yours sincerely
  • Peter Dickson
  • Manchester, UK

Dear Support Staff,

I guess that most emails you get are from people with problems. I thought it would make a nice change for you to know that I thought your utility was fabulous. Simple - Clear - Fast and, above all, Oulook Express recovery software worked. Congratulations on a great product and a good service.

Maurice Bowe Objective Imaging Ltd

Late November Microsoft installed an automatic update and my Outlook Express lost all 53 dbx files containing my mail. The files were in the correct folder, but OE couldn't find them. I finally searched the net and found a program named "OE-Mail Recovery". After I learned how it worked, it did a GREAT job recovering my messages. It was very well worth the small amount I paid for it. Oulook Express recovery tool work fine. If anyone runs into this kind of problem, I would recommend this program, and I'll be happy to show how easy it is to run.

Wayne Field

Colorado Springs

I just wanted to thank you and your company for the help that I have received using OE-Mail Recovery. I had spent weeks trying to extract the messages from a corrupted Inbox on a corrupted hard drive with no luck at all. I took the drive to a professional computer company and they told me that my Oulook Express messages were unable to be recovered. I got the hard drive to work but I still wasn't able to salvage my Inbox. When I found your product on the web I decided to try it and I was elated when I recovered messages and attachments that I believed were permanently erased. You have saved me countless future hours of rebuilding my contacts, my budget numbers and my work-related information.

Thank you so much. Stephen Lindquist Columbus, Ohio

I just wanted to take time to thank you for a superb product in OE-Mail Recovery. I have been duped into bought many products that made the claims similar to your, but none came close to satisfying the recovery process as straightforward as you folks have. I am very satisfied with the recovery it made for me, and the price at first seemed quite large for an unknown result, but after what it just accomplished. I am quite satisfied. Keep up the GREAT service.

Thanks Again Al Mangarelli

Appears to be a good program, reasonable price. We have had some synchronization problems with servers that have wiped out a couple of Outlook Express clients, and this is letting us recover from the damaged dbx files.

Jett Hanna Texas Lawyers' Insurance Exchange

I just wanted to let you know that you guys saved me, big time, today. I was doing a re-install of Windows 2000 and, of course, backed up my OE Message store beforehand. However, for whatever reason, after I restored the Message Store, I was unable to open the restored files due to the dreaded msoe.dll failure. Without OE-Mail Recover, I would have lost thousands of unrecoverable emails. The software fix my outlook express. Good oulook express repair tool.

Best regards, Chris Doutre

Thanks so much -- my boss' computer Inbox.dbx had reached the dreaded 2GB limit and was completely hosed. Thanks to your utility we recovered 4 years of email and 8000 messages. Yours is the first utility in years to completely and easily recover from the OE bug Microsoft can't even fix themselves!

Paul Erickson Tradeshow Multimedia, Inc.

So many thanks for your superb software, Victor. It's a delight to view and work with a program that is so intuitive and easy to use, affordable and a solution to MS's poor way of handling their surprisingly easy and pretty good "Outlook Express".

It takes software to fix software, huh?! Wishing you all the best and continued success, spg -

Thank you very much, excellent service, and this time I've printed it out!! Just run the recovery and worked perfectly, I don't know why this keeps happening to me. But delighted I bought OEMailRecovery. Oulook Express recovery tool fix my Outlook Express

Thanks again, Sincerely, Shelagh Morris

Hello:) Just registered for OE Mail recovery and its superb! checked out a few other mail recovery programs but none came close to OE. With OE I actually deleted an email, emptied the deleted mail bin and still got it back, so good:)

Other programs would not do that:) Cant fault it in any way and as always getting mail back into Outlook express that has been recovered can be tricky, still working on that one:) Oulook Express repair tool is OE-Mail Recovery:)

  • Great program!
  • Best regards
  • Steve Whitehead

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