Scan dbx with OE-Mail Recovery

If we would describe OE-Mail Recovery download software in one short line then it would be: it is a program to recover email from an Outlook Express folder or extract email from dbx file. OE-Mail Recovery is Outlook Express mail recovery tool designed for viewing dbx files in damaged or corrupted inbox, for working with dbx files that were corrupted due various reasons. The new email data recovery technology of OE-Mail Recovery allows mail users to reconstruct quickly damaged .dbx files created by Outlook Express and easily restore the lost messages.

Need to scan dbx or extract email from dbx Download OE-Mail Recovery software now! Retrieve lost emails and important email data, extract email from dbx with ease! Protect the most important information you have - your mail - order scan dbx software - OE-Mail Recovery today.

What are dbx files? Why I need to scan dbx files?

Outlook Express 5/6 stores all messages of a mail folder in a corresponding .dbx file. For example, the Inbox.dbx file contains messages that are displayed in the Inbox mail folder in Outlook Express, the Outbox.dbx file contains messages that are displayed in the Outbox mail folder and so on. If a dbx file is damaged and you cannot operate the corresponding mail folder in Outlook Express, then you need to use OE-Mail Recovery software to scan dbx files. OE-Mail Recovery is a powerful and easy-to-use software. It can help you with working with dbx files and viewing dbx files. Also, you can scan dbx files and extract email from dbx.

OE-Mail Recovery is a data recovery software solution for corrupted Outlook Express folders (.dbx). This software supports Outlook Express 6./5./5.5, recovers messages in plain text and HTML, recovers message fields such as sender's name, recipient's name, subject, message flags, creation date/time, etc., recovers file attachments. OE-Mail Recover software is easy to use with no special user skills required. This useful tool will help you to keep your documents in Outlook Express all safe. You will never lose another email by accidentally deleting it, cause you will be able to scan dbx files, extract email from dbx and, finally, restore lost messages in Outlook Express folders.

Extract email from dbx with OE-Mail Recovery Software

OE-Mail Recovery software is an easy solution to extract email from dbx, the easiest way to recover and fix .dbx files that are damaged and can't be viewed with Outlook Express. If you can't open Outlook Express or you have troubles when working with dbx files or when viewing dbx files or you suspect that Outlook Express folders were corrupted - scan dbx files - repair errors in Outlook folders urgently. Get the most reliable and accurate utility that can extract email from dbx files that were corrupted!

Features of DBX software

  • Repair dbx files of Outlook Express 5
  • DBX software can recover dbx files of Outlook Express 5.5

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