Restore Outlook Express

If the message list in the Outlook Express folder is empty or a part of the messages is disappeared for unknown reasons or Outlook Express messages disappear Outlook Express folders disappear.

You are to restore this Outlook Express folder by use OE-Mail Recovery (download) - Outlook dbx restore tool. You need a special data recovery utility for restoration. Using this tool, you can restore messages stored in the Outlook Express folders. For example, in case of a serious computer failure the Inbox folder became unreadable, and you see that the message list is empty.

Note: If you need to restore Microsoft Outlook (not Oulook Express) messages, contacts, notes, journals and so on then you should use Outlook Recovery Toolbox software. You can read about Outlook Recovery Toolbox on next page.

How to restore Outlook Express folder?

Step by step description of a restoring of Outlook Express:

Let us try to restore the Inbox folder and return back a part or all the messages stored in it.

  1. To restore the Outlook Express folders you should download and install OE-Mail Recovery software (download Outlook Express emails restore tool).
  2. The Outlook Express restore being run, it will determine the Outlook Express storing folder by itself. The file list from this folder will be displayed on the left software panel. The files names in the list will be the same as the folders names in Outlook Express. For example, the inbox.dbx file corresponds to the Inbox folder in Outlook Express. The data (messages and news) and Outlook Express service information are stored in files with the .dbx extension.
  3. Select the Inbox.dbx file in the list and run the restoration process. The Outlook Express restoration process takes considerable time and depends on the file size and computer's performance.
  4. Save the messages by the end of the restoration process (available n the OE-Mail Recovery registered version only).
  5. Open the folder with Inbox.dbx file in Windows Explorer (you can copy the string from the Source Folder Path field of the OE-Mail Recovery software to the Windows Explorer address field). Make a backup copy of the inbox.dbx file and remove it from the Outlook Express folder (see page Manual backup of Outlook Express dbx files).
  6. Start Outlook Express and left click on the Inbox folder. Outlook Express will create a new Inbox.dbx file on a hard drive automatically.
  7. Open the folder with the restored / saved messages in Windows Explorer. Select the messages you want to move using Ctrl and mouse buttons or Shift and cursor buttons on the keyboard. Use your mouse to drag the selected messages to the required Outlook Express folder. When moving a few messages at once, it is recommended to have Outlook Express on left part of screen, and Windows Explorer on right part of it. See page How to move .eml files to an Outlook Express folder?

When restoring several Outlook Express folders it is necessary to make steps 3-7 for every separate folder for restoring Outlook Express files or recover Outlook folder. Outlook dbx restore procedure is over. This sequence of Outlook Express restore actions enables you to restore the Outlook Express folders after software and hardware failures.

If the corrupted Outlook Express dbx file is stored in the folder unlike the current Outlook Express store folder, you must specify its location in the program by clicking the Select Store Folder button. If you use several identities you are to select the necessary one from the drop-down list of the Select Folder Path field.

OE-Mail Recovery support:

  • Restore Outlook Express 6 dbx files
  • Restore Outlook Express 5.5 dbx files
  • Restore Outlook Express 5 dbx files
  • Restoring Outlook Express files under Windows 98
  • Restoring Outlook Express files under Windows Me
  • Restore Outlook Express mail under Windows NT 4.0
  • Restore Outlook Express mail under Windows 2000/XP
  • Restore Outlook Express mail under Windows XP
  • Recover dbx files under Windows 2003 Server
  • Restore dbx files with a size more then 2 Gb
  • Restore dbx files with size of DBX file up to 4 Gb
  • Recover dbx file in Batch Mode

Restoring Outlook Express emails software allow to solve the problem if Outlook Express messages disappear and restoring Outlook Express files. OE-Mail Recovery recover Outlook folder and to do the dbx file restore for Outlook Express 5, 5.5, 6. OE-Mail Recovery is Outlook Express Inbox disappear resolver. Restore Outlook Express emails software support a dbx file with a size up to 2Gb. The time of the restoring Outlook Express dbx files depend on the size of the original dbx files and the computers productivity. OE-Mail Recovery is the answer on a quetion: How to restore Outlook Express? How to recover Outlook Express files?

If you want restore Outlook files (Microsoft Outlook, PST files of Microsoft Outlook) you should use Outlook Recovery Toolbox.

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