Project Recovery Toolbox - Recover Corrupted Microsoft Project data files

Project Recovery Toolbox (download) is used to recover information from corrupted Microsoft Project files (files in the .MPP format). Project Recovery Toolbox is designed to get you and your team back to work on projects in the shortest possible time! Just the thought of losing a project when it's in full swing is extremely unpleasant for any manager. Project Recovery Toolbox solves the problem of lost Microsoft Project data as it's designed to recover the project plan and project management tool.

MS Project Recovery tool

There are various consequences of losing Microsoft Project information: from power supply problems, hardware failures and virus attacks to user mistakes and ignoring the basic data protection rules. It is impossible to predict such accidents and they often occur at the most inconvenient moment, when every hour is valuable and a few days missed work can be catastrophic. Download and install the MS Project recovery tool to save info from bad mpp files.

Microsoft Project Recovery tool

The interface of the Project Recovery Toolbox is designed in the form of an easy-to-use step-by-step wizard requiring minimum operation from the user. All you have to do is follow simple instructions given by the program and it will take care of the recovery process. The Microsoft Project recovery tool is simple and can be used by anyone to recover data from corrupted *.mpp files - it requires neither experience in recovery nor any special knowledge.

In the first step, you should specify the name of the file for recovery. There are several ways to achieve this. After you enter the file name, you should click the Analyze button at the bottom of the window. After you click the button, the program will start reading and analyzing the contents of the file.

MPP Recovery tool

The MPP Recovery tool don't modify source files.

The analysis process is completely automatic and may take several minutes depending on the complexity and size of the source MPP file as well as on the performance of your computer. Project Recovery Toolbox uses complex and smart algorithms to search the source file for data and to identify this data. After the program analyzes the structure of the corrupted file, it will show the located tasks in a table. The table will contain: task names, task durations, start and end dates, number of previous tasks, and names of resources assigned to the tasks. After browsing the data recovery table, you can click the Start recovery button at the bottom of the window.

MS Project file Recovery MPP

To save the data to a new project, you will need the MS Project software suite installed on the computer because Project Recovery Toolbox does not save the recovered information to a separate file. Instead, it exports it to a Project where you can edit it and save it for later. The MS Project file recovery mpp very fast and effective.

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Any way to Recover a crashed Microsoft Project file recovery?

Any way to recover a crashed Microsoft Project file recovery? After the program exports the data to an MS Project, it will be opened using Microsoft Project and display the recovered data and the log with performed operations in the last wizard window. To exit the program just click the Finish button. If you want to recover data from another file, use the Back button to return to the first step of the wizard (file selection).

Corrupt MPP file Recovery

If the file you are currently working with is excessively corrupted and the Corrupt MPP file recovery program fails to recover it, you can send it to the developers of the program. To do this, use the Send source file menu command. The company's employees will analyze the contents of the file, try to recover its contents manually and then contact you with the results. They will also use this opportunity to improve the recovery algorithms used in the program.

Note: Project Recovery Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft Project .mpp files.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above