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OE-Mail Recovery 1.4

We've all, at some point in time, experienced losing email messages and being unable to recover them, due to corruption in the Outlook Express DBX files. When this happens, Outlook Express is unable to access the files and the emails stored in them, which means that you will be unable to read them.

This is where OE-Mail Recovery steps in. The purpose of this utility is to recover messages from damaged or corrupted Outlook Express 5, and higher, DBX email-storage files.

A really nice feature of OE-Mail Recovery is that when you've opened the program, you can choose between two recovery options. The first option, and probably the easiest, is the OE-Mail Recovery Wizard that will take you step by step through the whole process of recovering your emails, should you be unsure of how to use the program. Otherwise, you can extract messages manually, using the program's toolbar buttons and Explorer-like interface, which allows you to select the source path of your DBX files on a hard drive or a CD-ROM, say. You are then shown a list of all the DBX files in that folder. If you select a particular DBX file, the program will search through the file and display summary details of all the emails it is able to find. You can then select which email(s) you would like to recover, and the program will extract them as separate email files (in the format .eml) to a folder that you have specified.

The program can also be used as a DBX viewing/extracting utility if you don't have, or make use of, Outlook Express, but need to access content in a DBX file.

OE-Mail Recovery is compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems, except Windows 95, and supports Microsoft Outlook Express 5 and higher. A trial version can be downloaded from the Internet and the full package can also be bought online.

This program is really easy to use and it will definitely come in handy if you have a mail crash and have not taken precautionary measures.


Outlook Express Recovery


Recovery Toolbox announces the release of OE-Mail Recovery for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, and advanced tool which lets users recover lost emails from damaged Outlook Express d-base files.

Ever logged on to Outlook Express one day only to discover that all of your emails are missing, or received error messages that Outlook cannot find your emails? Many people lose their emails to Outlook Express and think that they're gone forever. This is because the proprietary dbx format Outlook Express uses to store mails is very complicated and sensitive to damage. When this files are corrupted even slightly, Outlook will not be able to access the emails. Don't worry, your emails may not be permanently gone, but the file in which the emails are stored may be damaged. However, as long as they are damaged, Outlook is unable to access them.

Let OE-mail Recovery help you gain access to all your emails again. Don't feel frustrated for losing all your valuable mail or waiting and then paying for expensive professional technicians to recover your emails. OE-Mail Recovery is able to immediately retrieves all those lost emails stuck in damaged dbx files! OE-Email Recovery fixes the damaged dbx files in many cases and let you export the emails in eml format which can be opened by Outlook Express. You can then view the recovered emails and easily store or move into to its folder. And the best thing is, you can use OE-Mail Recovery to recover any time this problems occur again. Tool can aswer on questions: How to export dbx file? How to save and export outlook express e-mails?

OE-Mail Recovery is like life insurance for your Outlook Express Emails. It gives you peace of mind at all times, and you'll be glad its there when something goes wrong.

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