PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox - Effective Recovery of Damaged PowerPoint Files

Rescue your work and deliver that proposal with a fast and direct utility to recover damaged Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox (download) recovers data quickly with high quality from Microsoft PowerPoint *.PPT and *.PPTX files.

Third party PowerPoint recovery tool

The user interface of PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox is simple and straightforward then other third party PowerPoint recovery tool. The application runs as a step-by-step wizard with minimum effort involved during each step - just follow the wizard's clear instructions. The program guides you through all steps of the PowerPoint file data recovery process. Using PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox does not require any special skills or knowledge and even novice users with little PC experience can successfully use the software.

Recovery PowerPoint 2010

How to recovery PowerPoint 2010 files? The first step in the program involves selection of the file to be recovered, which can be done using several easy methods. Once the file is selected, you can move on to the next step by clicking on the Analyze button. After you confirm the program request, PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox begins the recovery process. The program analyzes the source data file that contains the damaged presentation.

Recovery for PowerPoint download

Analyzing damaged ppt/pptx files is fully automatic. The program uses a sophisticated and complex algorithm for recognizing structured data and objects in the source file. The duration of the process depends on the complexity of the file, complexity of the file damage, file size, and performance of the computer hardware. PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox analyzes the structure of the damaged .PPT or .PPTX file (PowerPoint 2007/2010), extracts and then saves the content and media files in a separate folder on the disk (ie images, tables, charts, audio and video). Please recovery for PowerPoint download first.

What is a good PPT recovery tool

When analysis is complete, simply click on the Transmit button and the program moves on to the presentation recovery stage. It creates a new Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that imports all the data and structure from the damaged file. The utility is equally good at rescuing both PPT and PPTX files, while the program saves presentations and media files onto the disk with the same success. What is a good PPT recovery tool? - Many saved hours of possible lost work!

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Recovery PPT 2010

How to recovery ppt 2010 file? When the recovery process is over, the recovered data can be easily viewed and edited in Microsoft Power Point. In addition, the files saved on disk also allow manual transfer of the damaged presentation, in case the program was unable to automatically recover the presentation's structure. Recovering Microsoft PowerPoint slides can be a time consuming process.

If you use PowerPoint version 2007/2010, the data for the charts is inserted as images. However, Microsoft Excel can also be used to recover the original charts from Microsoft Excel files stored on the disk. They can be inserted and edited in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Power Point Recovery download

The final step of the data recovery process lets you view the completion statistics and save them in a safe place if necessary. If the file is seriously damaged and cannot be recovered or only partially recovered, you can send the source file to the development team. Just click on the Send source file button or select the corresponding item on the menu. The software developers will try to analyze and recover the file manually. In addition to rescuing your file, this method helps us improve the recovery quality of the software. Power Point recovery download first.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the leading software for creating presentations and is used by millions of users in businesses, public and scientific organizations, military and other applications. The files are a great way to exchange ideas, concepts and data with ease. However, these presentation files are prone to damage due to various failures in hardware and software, which make *.ppt/*.pptx files unreadable for Microsoft PowerPoint. As fate often has it, file corruption usually happens just before important meetings and events. With PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox you can recover or cure bad PowerPoint files within minutes.

Use PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox as a quick fix and recovery tool for PowerPoint presentations! PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox is your insurance against troubles and the solution to catastrophic situations!

Note: PowerPoint Recovery Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt or .pptx files.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above