How to Recover Microsoft Outlook? Or Restore lost Outlook messages?

How to repair Outlook? How to repair Outlook files?

1. - Download Outlook repair software and install the tool Outlook Recovery Toolbox (Outlook repair tool).

How to recover a corrupted Microsoft Outlook database? How to repair Microsoft Outlook? How to repair a pst file that Microsoft Outlook cannot read? Where I can get Microsoft Outlook repair tool (Outlook 2003 repair software)? How to use Outlook repair tools? Microsoft Outlook personal folder files are recovered in several steps. To recover Microsoft Outlook, you should:

2. - Select the source Microsoft Outlook pst file that should be recovered.

Outlook Recovery Toolbox (download) recovers only one pst file at a time. Outlook mail repair software makes it easier to select and find pst files on the computer. The utility allows you to:

  • Manually specify the location of the pst file to be recovered in Windows Explorer
  • Select the pst file to be recovered from the list of files used in the current Outlook configuration. To do it, you should specify the profile if the current Outlook configuration contains several profiles and the Personal folders file (pst files) if the selected profile contains several Personal folders.
  • Search the local computer disks for .pst and .ost files.

Microsoft Outlook Repair tool 2007

3. - Scan the corrupted PST file and view the found data.

After you select the Microsoft Outlook pst file to be recovered and click the Next button, the program will start scanning the source pst file for Microsoft Outlook objects stored in it: messages, contacts, notes, appointments and others. The window with the current status of the scanning process displays the number of found Microsoft Outlook folders and objects. After scanning is over, the second page of Outlook Recovery Toolbox (Outlook repair tool) will contain:

  1. The structure of folders detected in the source Microsoft Outlook pst file in the left part
  2. Objects stored in detected Microsoft Outlook folders in the right part

If the program detects any objects that can be recovered in the process of scanning the pst file, the Next button will become available and the user will be able to move on to the next step.

4. - Select the output folder for saving the recovered Microsoft Outlook data.

You should use the third page of the program to specify the location where to save data from the recovered Microsoft Outlook pst file. The size of free space for saving the recovered data must be twice as much as the size of the source pst file.

How to Repair Outlook 2007?

How to Repair Microsoft Outlook 2007?

3. - Select the method of saving data:

Saving to a pst file.

  • In this case, the utility creates a new Microsoft Outlook file and copies objects to it (messages, contacts, notes, reminders and other) from the recovered pst file. The structure of folders in the new pst file reproduces the structure of folders in the source Outlook file. When the program copies objects to the new file, its size increases and if its size exceeds 1 GB, the utility will create a new file and continue copying data to the new pst file. After the program finishes recovering data from the source Microsoft Outlook pst file, the output folder may contain several files, for example: outlook.pst, outlook[1].pst, outlook[2].pst - all these files contain objects from the source Microsoft Outlook pst file. To open these files in Microsoft Outlook, read the instruction here - How to open .pst file in Microsoft Outlook?
  • Saving the found objects of the recovered Microsoft Outlook pst file as separate files. Outlook Recovery Toolbox can save messages, contacts and notes as separate files. One file will correspond to each Outlook object. For example, the program will:
    1. Save message to .eml files (standard RFC822). Most mail clients (e.g. Outlook Express) support it. You can read here how to move messages saved as .eml files to Outlook Express folders.
    2. Save contacts as .vcf files (standard RFC2426). It is a standard for exchanging contact information between PIM programs (Personal Information Managers). It is described here - how to move contacts to the Windows Address Book..
    3. Save notes as text files.
Note: Calendar, Task and Reminder objects will not be saved.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and above
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013 and above (exclude: Outlook from Office 365, Outlook for iOS, Outlook for MacOS)

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Microsoft Outlook 2003 Repair tool

6. - Save data from the recovered Microsoft Outlook pst file.

After you click the Save button, the software will start saving objects of the source pst file to new files. If data will be saved to a PST file:

  • the tool will first back up the source pst file
  • the Microsoft Outlook repair software will copy the recovered objects to new pst files using the interface provided by Microsoft Outlook

Outlook file repair procedure is over. The speed of Outlook restore depend on the size of initial PST file and the performance of the computer system.

Repair PST Outlook 2003

The program Outlook Recovery Toolbox recovers Outlook data files of Outlook versions 97/98/2000/XP/2002/2003/2007. The Outlook repair tool recovers data from .ost files The Microsoft Outlook repair software can export Microsoft Outlook data as .eml, .vcf and .txt files. With Microsoft Outlook repair tool, you can export Microsoft Outlook messages to Outlook Express folders.

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Repair tool

Outlook Recovery Toolbox is a PST fix tool and Outlook 2003 repair software. Outlook restore tool can convert .ost file to .pst file. Outlook restore software can recover a damaged .ost files too.

Recovery Toolbox, Inc. have not other Outlook repair tools, Outlook mail repair software, Outlook 2003 repair tools, Outlook restore software, Outlook file repair tools, Microsoft Outlook repair tool, repair Outlook 2003.

  • Repair tool Outlook support pst file with a size more then 4Gb
  • Repairing Microsoft Outlook file for Outlook 97
  • Outlook file repair tool recover Outlook 98 .pst files.
  • Outlook mail repair tool recover Outlook 2000 .pst files.
  • Microsoft Outlook repair tool recover Outlook XP data files.
  • Outlook file repair tool recover Outlook 2002 data files.
  • Outlook mail repair tool recover Outlook 2003 pst files (Outlook 2003 repair tool, repair Outlook 2003).
  • Outlook repair tool repair Outlook 2007 pst files.


  • Outlook Recovery Toolbox do not support a recovering of contact groups yet.