OneNote Recovery Toolbox Rescues Corrupted Data, Notes and Records

Any experience of data loss is a serious problem especially if it involves personal information collected day-by-day a little at a time. Fortunately there's good news for those who use OneNote to record and store notes: OneNote Recovery Toolbox (download) solves the problem of corrupted OneNote files giving peace of mind to those who organise their personal and business life with this handy software.

OneNote Recovery program

OneNote Recovery Toolbox is a small tool that recovers corrupted Microsoft OneNote data files. The simple and clear the OneNote recovery program allows users with minimum computer skills to successfully recover notes from corrupted .ONE (OneNote) files. It's very easy to use the program: just select the corrupted file to analyze and let the program detect the recoverable information and save it to the disk. There's no knowledge needed of the Microsoft OneNote data file structure, or necessity to detect notes and corrupted data - the program does it automatically.

Recovery for OneNote 2007

The process of recovering *.one files with OneNote Recovery Toolbox consists of several simple steps. The first step of recovery for OneNote 2007 is to specify the corrupted file to recover, which can be done using several methods. Once the file to recover has been chosen, just click the Analyze button at the bottom of the window. After you start the recovery process, OneNote Recovery Toolbox begins to analyze the corrupted file and detects the saved data.

Recover OneNote data Recovery

The second step of recovering *.one files is completely automatic. The program analyzes the structure of the corrupted *.one file and extracts objects from it as separate files. The list of these files and their size is displayed on the second page of the program. After the source file is analyzed, you can manually select the files to be saved or use the Check All / Uncheck All commands from the context menu to select all files or clear the selection of all files. Click the Next button to proceed of recover OneNote data recovery.

OneNote file Recovery toolkit

The third step involves selection of the folder to save the recovered data with several methods available to do this. Attention: you cannot save the recovered data in the DEMO version of the program. To remove this restriction, you have to purchase a License for the full version of the program. In a full version of OneNote file recovery toolkit are possible to save recovered info.

PC Recovery OneNote

After OneNote Recovery Toolbox saves the files, it displays the final statistics about the recovery process. You can then click the Exit button to exit the program or click the Back button to return to the first page of the program and select the next file to be recovered of PC recovery OneNote data.

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OneNote recovery tool

If your OneNote data file is heavily corrupted or OneNote Recovery Toolbox recovers incomplete data, you can send the source file to the OneNote recovery tool developers by e-mail. Just click the Send source file button or select the corresponding item from the main menu. After the developers receive your file, they will try to recover the file manually. If this manual recovery is successful, the developers will contact you. In addition to rescuing your file, your files will allow us to improve the quality of data recovery by OneNote Recovery Toolbox.

OneNote Recovery Toolbox is the direct solution to your problem of lost Microsoft OneNote data. OneNote Recovery Toolbox allows quick and effective recovery of *.one files.

Note: OneNote Recovery Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft OneNote .one or .onenote files.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above