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MySql Recovery Toolbox (download) is a simple and effective tool for recovering data from corrupted MySQL server databases. The MySql recovery tool recovers databases in the MyISAM format and either saves the data to disk as SQL scripts or exports it directly to the MySQL server. Due to the interface designed in the form of a step-by-step wizard, it takes just seconds to learn how to use the program. Even users with minimum computer skills can recover a corrupted MySQL database in the shortest possible time. All the user has to do is follow the onscreen program instructions to successfully recover the lost MySQL data.

MySql Recovery tool

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Database recovery using MySQL Recovery Toolbox consists of several simple steps. The first step is the selection of the corrupted files to be recovered. In the second step, the program analyzes the corrupted data and displays the data and structure to be saved. Step 3 involves selection of the data location and save method: either to disk as SQL scripts or direct export to the MySQL server. Please download Recovery MySql tool first.

Database Recovery for MySql

The database recovery for MySql tool only read damaged database and don not modify source files.

MySql Database Recovery tool

If the data is exported to the MySQL server, it is important to specify the MySQL server connection settings: server name, login and password. After you specify the settings, just click the Recover button and the MySql database recovery tool starts exporting data to the server. It is impossible to export and save data in the DEMO version of the program; you can only view the recovered data and its structure. To disable the limitations of the DEMO version, you should purchase the full version of the product.

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There's even a solution in the event that the MySQL database is seriously corrupted, or if MySQL Recovery Toolbox does not detect data in the source files or recover enough data. You can send the source files to the program developers for analysis by clicking the Send a source file button or selecting the corresponding menu item. This approach helps improve the quality of data recovery while also making every effort to rescue your data. Please download Recovery for MySql software first.

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MySql Server data Recovery

It's clear that while MySQL Recovery Toolbox is extremely easy to use its strength lies in the complicated technology used to recover data from corrupted MySQL databases. the MySql server data recovery software is indispensable and a great asset in complicated and critical situations.

Note: MySQL is registered trademark of Oracle.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above