On-line help for RAR Recovery Toolbox software

How to repair RAR files with helps of RAR Recovery Toolbox?

RAR Recovery Toolbox (download) recovers data from damaged RAR archives. The program scans the archive and saves the recovered data to the disk. RAR Recovery Toolbox has an intuitive interface that makes your work with it really comfortable and easy. The process of data recovery consists of several steps:

  1. Selecting a damaged RAR archive
  2. Scanning the archive for recoverable files
  3. Specifying data to be recovered
  4. Selecting the folder where the recovered data will be saved

To recover data with RAR Recovery Toolbox, you should follow the instruction:

Step 1 - Selecting the corrupted file

On this step the user selects a damaged RAR archive containing data to be recovered. There are three ways to do it: selecting a previously recovered file from the list (button ), typing the file name in the text box or browsing for the file using the standard Open dialog box (to open it, click the icon with an open folder).

Step 2 - Scanning the file and checking if the data can be recovered

The user doesn't need to perform any actions on this step. The program scans the damaged file looking for files, then it checks its own capability to recover the data it has found. The duration of this process depends on the size of the archive and on the computer performance, so the process can take quite a long time. The process of scanning and checking is displayed in the window.

Step 3 - Selecting data to be recovered

After scanning is complete, you'll see a list of data found in the archive. The left pane contains the folder tree, on the right there is a list of files located in the current folder. The files are marked with exclamation signs (!) of different colors. The blue exclamation mark guarantees that the file can be recovered, the yellow one means that recovery is possible, but not guaranteed; if the exclamation mark is red, recovery is impossible. The user should specify the data to be recovered. You can either select checkboxes of the necessary files and/or folders or use the quick selection buttons:

  • Check all - select all data
  • Uncheck all< - clear all checkboxes
  • Check good - select data that can be recovered correctly

After that, click Next.

Step 4 - Selecting the folder for the recovered files

On this step you should select the folder where the recovered data will be stored. There are three ways to do it: select a previously used folder from the list (button ), type the file name in the address bar or browse for the file using the standard Folders dialog box (to open it, click the icon with an open folder to the right of the address bar).

Step 5 - Recovering data

On this step the data recovery takes place. The program reads the damaged archive, recovers data and saves it to the specified folder.

RAR Recovery Toolbox is a shareware program. An unregistered version doesn't save the recovered files to the disk.

Step 6 - Viewing the report

After the recovery process is completed, the program shows a final report. The report contains a list of recovered files, the level of damage and whether the recovery was successful.