OneNote Recovery Toolbox - User Manual

OneNote Recovery Toolbox (download) is a special tool for recovering data from corrupted Microsoft OneNote *.one files. This product was created for quick and effective recovery of corrupted OneNote data. The developers have made the program interface as simple and clear as possible. This manual gives detailed information about each step of recovering *.one files. It is necessary to read this manual before contacting the technical support service of OneNote Recovery Toolbox.

In case OneNote Recovery Toolbox fails to recover data or recovers it incompletely, use the Send source file button or the item in the main program menu. After you click this button, the program attaches the source file to an e-mail and all you have to do is send the message to the program developers (using the default mail client). After the developers receive your message they will analyze the source file, attempt recovery and contact you with the results.

Note: source file recovery requires some time. The time it takes to recover the data depends on the size of the source file and the performance of your computer.

Recovering OneNote data files (*.one files)

Step 1. - Select the corrupted file

You should select the source file in the first step of recovery. There are three ways to achieve this:

  1. Enter the name of the corrupted OneNote file and its path in the field in the center of the page
  2. Open the standard Select File dialog box with a click of the button to the right of the file name input field
  3. Select a previously recovered file from the drop-down list by clicking the button at the end of the file name input field

As soon as you select the corrupted OneNote file, proceed to the next step by clicking the Analyze button. The program will ask you to confirm the start of the recovery process.

Step 2. - Analyze the corrupted OneNote file and extract its files

This recovery step is completely automatic. OneNote Recovery Toolbox will scan the structure of the file and detect the data stored in the file. The program will then show the list of images and files that the program can save, with the number and size of recovered files displayed. You should then select the files that to save, which can be done manually or using the context menu. The context menu can be used to select all files or clear the selection of all files. Click the Next button to proceed.

Step 3. - Save recovered notes

This step involves specification of the name and path of the folder to save the recovered data. This is similar to specifying the file in step 1.

Note: The DEMO version of the program does not allow users to save the data. To remove this restriction, you have to purchase a license for the FULL version of the program.

After the source files are recovered and saved, OneNote Recovery Toolbox display detailed statistics about all recovery steps on the screen

You can now open the folder with the saved files and view them.

Data recovery with OneNote Recovery Toolbox is an extremely easy way to recover data. You will need neither special training nor special knowledge to recover corrupted OneNote data. Rest assured that it's always possible to recover corrupted *.one files.