On-line help for Excel Recovery Toolbox software

How to Repair XLS file of Microsoft Excel?

How to Recover Excel files with helps of Excel Recovery Toolbox?

Excel Recovery Toolbox (download) recovers data from a corrupted Microsoft Excel file in just several mouse clicks. Just:

  1. Install and run Excel Recovery Toolbox.
  2. Select the xls or xlt file to be recovered on the first page of the program
  3. You can click the button and select the xls file in Windows Explorer
  4. If you click the button, you can select a file you recovered earlier
  5. You can also type the name of the file manually

    After you click the Next button, the program will automatically start scanning and reading the source file. The program will automatically detect information found in the corrupted Excel file.

  6. After the program finishes recovering the xls file, it will display all information that it could recover from the corrupted file. Viewing data recovered from the Excel file is similar to viewing data in Microsoft Excel. The user can switch between the pages in the recovered Excel spreadsheet, scroll them. Each cell contains the value stored in it. When you export cell values to Excel, formatting is applied to them. The format of cells, the size and type of fonts in them are not used when data is displayed in Excel Recovery Toolbox.
  7. Click the Start Recovery button to save the recovered data to a new Excel file. Excel Recovery Toolbox will start Microsoft Excel and move the recovered data to a new Excel spreadsheet. After the program finishes exporting data to Excel, the user can save the recovered data as a new xls file.
    • It is possible to export data to Microsoft Excel only in the registered version of Excel Recovery Toolbox. You can register the program by buying a registration key on the purchase page.
    • Microsoft Excel must be installed on the computer. Microsoft Excel 98-2007 is required.
    • It is recommended to postpone editing the new Excel spreadsheet until the data is exported.
  8. After the program finishes exporting the data to Microsoft Excel, a dialog box with final results about recovered and saved data is displayed.

Now the process of recovering data from the corrupted Excel file has been finished. Excel Recovery Toolbox is like an insurance policy for xls and xlt files.