On-line help for CD Recovery Toolbox Free software

How to recover files from CD disk with helps of CD Recovery Toolbox Free?

CD Recovery Toolbox has been developed to recover data from corrupted media (CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blue-Ray and others).

It is easy to work with the program and the process consists of several steps:

1. Selecting the drive with the corrupted disk

After you start the program, you will see a dialog box with the list of CD drives detected in the system. You should use this list to select the drive with the disk that should be processed. Click the Next button after that.

2. Selecting the directory to save recovered data to

You should use this step to select the folder on the disk where data will be saved. There are two ways to do it: either manually type the path in the field or select the folder using the standard Open Folder dialog box that you can open with a click on the button to the right from the input field. The program remembers the selected folder and shows it by default the next time.

You can also see additional information in this dialog box:

About the CD:

  • disk label
  • its type (CD, DVD and so on)
  • file system
  • total space occupied by information
  • free space on the disk

About the device data will be saved to:

  • current logical disk label
  • its type (hard drive, removable drive)
  • file system
  • total space
  • free space on the current logical disk


  1. free space must be enough to save the files selected for recovery
  2. the source disk must not coincide with the disk the data will be saved to
3. Selecting the folders and files that should be recovered

After you select the directory to save recovered data to and click the Next button, you will see the list of folders and files on the disk. You should select the data the program will try to recover. To do it, you should either manually select the necessary files or click the Check All button and select all items. You can clear the selection of all files using the Uncheck All button.

After you select the data that should be recovered, you can move to the next step. To do it, you should click the Save button.

4. Recovering data and displaying the report

In the last step, the folder selected for saving data is opened in Windows Explorer and the program starts the recovery process. The report about the recovery process is displayed in the program window.

The tool tries to recover as much information as possible, but the recovery process may take quite a while in this case. It directly depends on the condition of the disk surface.

After the process is over, you can either go back to the previous step (for example, if you need to recover some more data) using the Back button or exit the program (the Exit button).