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Question: How can to repair Outlook Express and recover all corrupted message folders? How repair the corrupt Inbox Outlook Express?


How can to repair corrupted Outlook Express and recover all corrupted folders with e-mails?

Outlook Express won't look correctly. How repair the corrupt Inbox Outlook Express?

Outlook Express corrupted

If the folders are visible but there are no messages in them, or if you see that the list of messages in a folder is incorrect, then you'll have to restore the messages from each one of the old dbx files , and import them back into Outlook Express.

Find all the dbx files of corrupted Outlook Express and create a backup copy of these files.

For each destroyed folder or corrupted Outlook Express folder, and each old dbx file, do the following sequence of operations:

  1. Open the dbx file corresponding to the corrupted folder in OE-Mail Recovery.
  2. Repair a dbx file and restore all messages from it.
  3. Save the repaired e-mails to separate eml message files.
  4. Remove the repaired dbx files from the corrupted Outlook Express folder. Run the Outlook Express and click on the folder, which dbx file you have just removed, and the Outlook Express will automatically create new empty dbx files.
  5. Select all restored eml files in Windows Explorer and drop/move them into the target folder in Outlook Express.

OE-Mail Recovery allow recover corrupted Outlook Express folders and save all recovered e-mails as .eml files. Tool allow repair corrupted dbx files in a Batch Mode. OE-Mail Recovery fix Outlook Express corrupted files and folders.

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