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Question: The Outlook Express folder is empty, how I can repair it?


Repair Outlook Express Inbox folder. Repair corrupted Outlook Express Inbox.

Step: 1

  • Message extraction from the damaged dbx file.
  • Install OE-Mail Recovery.
  • Select Inbox.dbx file in list of a Source .dbx files (left pane) and press Read Source File button.
  • After repairing Outlook Express Inbox.dbx file you need to select the folder for save the repaired messages in e-mail(s) Save Folder field.
  • Press Save e-mail(s) button and select Save all emails item from drop-down menu and save the repaired messages.

Step: 2 - Backup of the Damaged DBX file.

Copy path from Source Folder Path filed of OE-Mail Recovery to Address filed of Windows Explorer and press Enter. Select Inbox.dbx file from right pane and copy it to save folder.

Step: 3 - The new Outlook Express folder creation.

Remove the repaired Inbox.dbx files from the Outlook Express folder. Run the Outlook Express and click on the Inbox folder.

Step: 4 - Copying Extracted messages to the new Outlook Express folder.

To move the repaired messages you have to open simultaneously the Outlook Express and the Windows Explorer, to select the repaired messages in the Windows Explorer (for this purpose use the key Shift + arrows or the key Ctrl + the left mouse button), to hold them with the mouse and transfer them to the newly created Outlook Express folder.

The Outlook Express repair process is over, and you get the completely repaired Outlook Express folder. The OE-Mail Recovery program is like insurance for your messages. The tool repair corrupted Outlook Express Inbox fast and easy.

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