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Question: Outlook Express Troubleshooting!


Outlook Express installed on my computer works unstably and I am constantly experiencing problems using it. Now and then I lose some messages from my folders. It means that I cannot find some messages after I open an Outlook Express folder or Outlook Express cannot open Inbox. Sometimes a folder with messages will not open or it turns out to be empty. This problem occurs rather regularly.

How can I fix these problems with Outlook Express? How can I avoid similar problems in the future?

Before you start troubleshooting in Outlook Express, we strongly recommend you save all files with the dbx extension. It is in these files that Outlook Express stores messages and service information.

Troubleshooting steps for Outlook Express:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Outlook Express.
  2. Download and install the latest patches for Outlook Express, critical patches are especially important.

In case Outlook Express still works unstably after steps 1 and 2, the problem may be in file where messages are stored. We advise you to create those files anew and import all your messages into them. Outlook Express stores its messages in files with the dbx extension and each folder in Outlook Express corresponds to one dbx file. As a rule, the folder name coincides with the name of the dbx file. For instance, the Inbox folder corresponds to the Inbox.dbx file. To recover one Outlook Express folder, it is necessary to:

  1. Extract messages from the dbx file. It can be done with the tool OE-Mail Recovery - Outlook Express troubleshooting software. Using the Outlook Express troubleshooting tool, you can extract and save each message in a separate file with the .eml extension.
  2. Create a new empty folder in Outlook Express. Delete or move to some safe place the file from which you extracted messages during step 3. Open Outlook Express and click the corresponding folder in Outlook Express. After that Outlook Express will create the corresponding dbx file for the above-mentioned folder anew.
  3. Move the previously saved messages to the new folder. Open both Outlook Express and Windows Explorer. Select the saved messages in Windows Explorer and use your mouse to drag and drop those messages to the necessary folder in Outlook Express.

If you want to fix several Outlook Express folders, you should perform steps 3-5 separately for each folder.

OE-Mail Recovery helps when Outlook Express cannot open Inbox. The Outlook Express troubleshooting can recover deleted messages too.

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