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Question: How I can backup the Outlook Express dbx files by manually?


If you want to add your account into Administrators group, then you need:

  1. Select in the Outlook Express main menu Tools | Options . item on the Maintenance tab, you should press the Store Folder button.
  2. Copy the location path of the Outlook Express dbx files into Clipboard (press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins).
  3. Open Windows Explorer, paste the location path into Address filed (press Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins) and press Enter.
  4. Select a damaged dbx file(s) in right pane of Windows Explorer and copy to save place.
  • When you use Windows NT/2000/XP you should have appropriate rights for viewing system files on a computer.
  • You need setup Windows Explorer (Tools | Folder Options in main menu) and unhide a system files and a folders.

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