FAQ - Recovering deleted Outlook Express messages

Question: The program cannot find deleted messages in Outlook Express.

I deleted messages from Outlook Express folders, including the Deleted Items folder. The deleted messages are of great value for me and it's very important to restore them. I downloaded OE-Mail Recovery (download), installed and started it. But after the program scanned the dbx files, it didn't find any deleted messages. What should I do? Can I recover the deleted messages (Outlook Express deleted mail)? How to recover deleted email from Outlook Express? How to recover Deleted Items Outlook Express?

Answer: If you have not received the message with the registration code:

To make the program find your deleted messages, you should select the Recover Deleted e-mails option in the Options window (click Tools | Options in the main menu). If the program doesn't find deleted messages with this option selected, it's impossible to recover them (the deleted messages are marked with a red cross in the message list). The most possible reason why deleted messages can't be restored is that Outlook Express has saved other messages to the location where the deleted messages were stored. So we recommend that you shouldn't use Outlook Express after you have deleted any important messages. Especially you shouldn't receive and create new messages, and move messages between folders. If OE-Mail Recovery has found deleted messages in dbx files, you should stop using Outlook Express, register the program and recover the deleted messages. The software helps recover deleted email Outlook Express and retrieving deleted emails as .eml files.

Note: The unintentionally deleted messages cannot be fully recovered from Outlook Express databases, approximately 0.8% of the information from deleted e-mails is lost during recovery. Recovering the deleted message is only an additional feature of OE-Mail Recovery, and developers don't carry responsibility for the recovering results of the deleted e-mails.

OE-Mail helps recover deleted mail Outlook Express and retrieving deleted emails as .eml files. The software recover deleted email Outlook Express easy and don't require a special skills. The recovering deleted Outlook Express messages is not a main feature of OE-Mail Recovery. Recovering deleted email Outlook Express with OE-Mail Recovery is easy. OE-Mail Recovery recover deleted Outlook Express emails together with a normal messages.