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Question: How can to add account into the Administrators group?

Answer: How can to add account into the Administrators group - step by step?

If you want to add your account into Administrators group, then you need:

  1. Login as Administrator to your computer (you need to know the Administrator's password for it).
  2. Press Start button. Select Settings -> Control panel items.
  3. Double-press on Administrative Tools icon.
  4. Double-press on Computer Management icon.
  5. On left pane select a Local Users and Groups item and expand it.
  6. Select Groups item.
  7. On right pane double-click on Administrators group.
  8. Press on Add... button.
  9. Select your account and press Ok button.
  10. Press Start button and select Shot down... item.
  11. Select Log off Administrators item from a drop-down list and press Ok button.
  12. Login to computer under your account.