DBX Reader of damaged Outlook Express files/folders

OE-Mail Recovery (download) is a special software product for reading dbx files - a DBX Reader, Outlook Express dbx reader. Unlike other dbx readers, OE-Mail Recovery serves for reading damaged dbx files. The program reads a damaged dbx file of Outlook Express, identifies e-mails and messages stored in the file, checks their integrity and only then includes the message into the view list. The distinctive feature of the dbx reader is that it does not delete or modify source dbx files. The Outlook Express dbx reader can read files larger than 2 Gb, the maximum size of a file that the dbx reader can read is 4 Gb. The Outlook Express dbx reader can also read messages that were deleted from Outlook Express folders. The Outlook Express dbx reader allows viewing the header and body of a message.

  1. Start the dbx reader.
  2. Read a dbx file using the dbx reader.
  3. Save the e-mails and messages you find to the disk.
  4. Create the damaged Outlook Express folder anew. Recreate damaged dbx file.
  5. Move the messages you saved using the dbx reader to the Outlook Express folder.

How to repair dbx file(s) (damaged dbx file) step-by-step by use the Outlook Express dbx reader? Please read page Outlook Express repair for details. The dbx file reader allow to view content of damaged Outlook Express folders: messages, news and so on. But dbx files reader don't allow to work an attachments.

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