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It is a rare day on the Internet that we do not see some scary warnings about the latest email threat from viruses and worms... But there is another email threat that can be just as damaging as a virus and yet is rarely discussed in computer media. This danger is file corruption - corruption of dbx, a serious damage of the file which prevents a computer program from being able to use it. For Outlook Express users, file corruption can often mean the disappearance of entire folders of saved emails, when you can not view dbx files anymore. In this article we'll well on the common causes of corruption dbx files (corrupt dbx, Outlook Express dbx corrupted, Outlook Express corrupted folder, Outlook Express dbx corrupt), how to avoid it and how to recover damaged emails. How to recover corrupted dbx file of Outlook Express? What to do if Outlook Express dbx corrupt?

The Most Common Cause of Corruption DBX files

As surprising and ironic as it may seem, the most common cause of dbx corruption (corrupt dbx, Outlook Express dbx corrupted) is not a virus, but rather anti-virus programs that are configured to scan incoming or outgoing e-mail. Even the most well-known anti-virus programs have exhibited this problem from time to time. Also some corruption of dbx files is caused by the sudden power crash of your computer. In order to fix all corruption problems and view dbx files you should simply OE-Mail Recovery (download) - the recovery .dbx files tool. Software can repair Outlook Express dbx corrupt file. The software can repair dbx corrupted file in the Batch Mode.

Signs and Symptoms of dbx corruption, Outlook Express corrupt folder.

The first symptoms of dbx corruption usually begin innocently and insensibly. Outlook Express is sluggish when starting or when switching folders. Simple tasks like marking a message as read or view mails might take several tens seconds. Such performance issues usually mean that some minor corruption of dbx files has occurred but has not yet reached a critical level. If the corrupt dbx is more extensive but involves a single email folder, Outlook Express might crash with this error when you try to open the damaged folder.

In cases of severe corruption Outlook Express will no longer recognize that the dbx file or mail folder exits, dbx file reader won't view dbx files and so the corresponding folder will disappear from the folder list or will become empty and Outlook Express corrupt folder. If however the corrupt file is inbox.dbx, you will see your inbox messages disappear right before your very eyes! Do not waste time and don't loose your important emails - download OE-Mail Recovery - unique dbx file reader and email recovery software, insurance if outlook express dbx corrupt! The corrupt dbx file fixer helps recover corrupted dbx file of Outlook Express. The dbx reader can recovery .dbx files in 4 steps.

A fast and highly reliable Outlook Express tools by OE-Mail Recovery for Outlook Express recovering are the perfect solutions for the recovery of corrupt dbx files in Outlook Express mails. OE-Mail Recovery allows Outlook Express mail users quickly reconstruct damaged .dbx files, view .dbx files created by Outlook Express and easily restore the lost information. The Outlook Express corrupted folder fixer can recover Outlook Express dbx corrupt file, recover back Outlook Express corrupt folder. The dbx file recovery don't use ADO/CDO and so on.

How to repair dbx corrupted file step-by-step you can read on page Outlook Express repair. Recover Outlook Express corrupt folders.

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