Batch Repair Outlook Express

Repairing Outlook Express messages in the batch mode of the OE-Mail Recovery program.

In order to recover several dbx files, there is a special batch recovery module in OE-Mail Recovery (download) . It can be used to recover several dbx files at a time. This allows the user to save time and avoid wasting it on the manual recovery of each dbx file. The user can select the files to be recovered and specify the folders to save the recovered messages to. The report about the process of data recovery is displayed after the batch file recovery is finished.

The batch data recovery mode is started with a click on the Batch Mode button on the toolbar of the program. To perform batch data recovery, it is necessary to create a list of dbx files to be recovered. The user can click the Add .dbx file button to add a dbx files to the recovery list. It is also necessary to specify the folder to save the recovered messages to in the process of adding a dbx files. The developers of the program recommend that messages from each dbx files be saved to a separate folder. This makes it possible to avoid mixing up messages from different Outlook Express folders. Recovery lists can be modified, saved to and loaded from the disk.

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