Address Book Recovery

Address Book Recovery (download) is a tool intended for restoration of the contact information from the Windows Address Book (WAB) files, where contacts from Outlook Express are stored. The program works with the files of Windows Address Book data (WAB files) and with its help you can:

  • Restore accidentally deleted contacts from the Windows Address Book(WAB).
  • View the changes archive on the contact.
  • Restore the contacts from the Windows Address Book (WAB) if has been defected by a virus or the database has become unreadable because of technical faults.

Outlook Express Address Book Recovery tool

The Outlook Express Address Book recovery tool reads damaged *.wab file, analyse it and save contacts as *.vcf files on HDD.

Address Book Recovery don not modify a source *.wab files.

WAB Windows Address Book Recovery tool

The contacts restored with the help of the Address Book Recovery are easily exported/saved in the Business Card (vCard) format.

Note: Address Book Recovery can only read Windows Address Book files (*.wab files). The program doesn't perform any operations of recording/modification of the initial files.

The WAB Windows Address Book Recovery tool can repair contacts of Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP only.

Address Book Recovery Outlook Express

The Address Book recovery Outlook Express contacts also. Outlook Express use Windows contacts.

Undelete Contacts

With Address Book Recovery help you can restore the casually deleted contacts easily. The accidentally deleted contacts are marked in the list of recovered contacts by red cross. With Address Book Recovery the decision of a problem undelete contacts will very simply. When the database file is opened, the application displays its structure.

Microsoft Outlook Express Address Recovery

Address Book Recovery tool is shareware tool and it is distributed under the Try before Buy License. The Outlook Express Address Book restore software has tested under Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003. The Microsoft Outlook Express Address recovery tool fix contacts Outlook Express 5/5.5/6.0 .

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