Access Recovery Toolbox

Software repair tool for a damaged Microsoft Access database files

Access Recovery Toolbox (download) is a program that is used to automatically recover Microsoft Access database files with the *.mdb and *.accdb extensions.

The program can recover:

  • Table structures (fields, indexes)
  • Table data stored directly in the database file
  • Queries, except for those involved in forms and reports
  • Correct relations, except for those created only to display information(relations between fields in the same table)

MS Access Recovery tool

MS Access recovery tool support recovering a data files of Microsoft Access 2003 and later.

Recovery for Access download

Working with the program consists of four steps:

  1. Select the source file
  2. View the structure of the data being recovered and table contents
  3. Select the file to save the recovered data to
  4. Recover data and view the recovery report

Microsoft tool Recovery Access DataBase

The Microsoft tool recovery Access database has minimum settings. Actually, you need to specify only the source database file and the target file the recovered information will be saved to. The entire database recovery process is completely automatic. Note that the program does not modify any information in the source file, all operations are performed with the copy specified by the user.

Access Recovery Toolbox does the following operations during its work:

  • Reading data from the source database: system tables (their structure and data), tables created by the user, information about relations and queries, identifying all data that can be recovered and writing them to the computer memory. While creating the new database, the program copies the structure of the source file as closely as possible and all uncorrupted data stored in it.
  • Analyzing the read data: while recovering the database from the information read from the source file, the program restores relations between tables, the structure of user tables (field names and types, indexes) and the structure of queries (used tables and table fields, conditions, relations between tables used in the query). It also checks the integrity of tables and indexes, in case the integrity of indexes, the structures of table or query relations are corrupted, the program displays an error message (displayed in the log window).
  • Recovering information: it creates a new database specified by the user. It creates tables, queries and relations in this database according to the information obtained as a result of the analysis. Data with errors is not copied. It copies records from the tables of the source database to the tables of the target database.

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MS Access database recovery download

The current version does not support the recovery of encrypted files because the structure of a file is hidden during encryption and it is impossible to read information. But the MS Access database recovery download tool recovers files for which a password was set, but which were not encrypted. However, passwords are not preserved. Also, the program does not support the recovery of macros, reports, pages, modules, references to other databases and fields that refer to them, restrictions used to select values on a form and specific properties used by Access to display items in the editor window.

Nowadays information plays an important role in business processes and its amount is constantly increasing. Databases of various formats are used to store information in most cases.

However, all kinds of threats (mechanical failures in hard drives, local area network failures, viruses, incorrect user operations, incomplete transactions and other possible negative factors) may result in corrupted database files, partial or complete loss of valuable information and serious damages. At the same time, the manual recovery of such information as a database of suppliers, collected statistics or accounting documents may take quite a while and be expensive. And often most information is lost if it is recovered this way.

The Microsoft Office Access database management system, being part of the Microsoft Office package distributed all over the world, occupies quite a large sector on the DBMS market. Besides, due to the fact that forms, report templates and programs designed to process data may be stored in Microsoft Access database files along with data and queries, a lot of applications consist only of files from this package. The Access 2007 Recovery software helps to fix damaged mdb files Access 2003/2007/2010/2013.

However, you do not necessarily need Microsoft Office Access installed on the computer to be able to work with its databases. Files belonging to this package are often used to store data in third-party applications.

Access 2007 Recovery software

Access Recovery Toolbox will allow you to automatically recover most or all information from corrupted Microsoft Access files in a relatively short time without much effort. Besides, you do not need any special knowledge to be able to use the program. Basic computer knowledge is enough to be able to work with the Microsoft Access data recovery tool.

Access Recovery Toolbox is an easy-to-use and effective tool for recovering Microsoft Access database files.

In case the current version of Access Recovery Toolbox fails to recover your data, you can send your file to the developers for research (learn more).

Our software do not recover:

  • forms;
  • macros;
  • modules;
  • password protected files.

Access Recovery Toolbox support Microsoft Access 2003 and later.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above